Nov 25, 2010


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Nov 4, 2010

a soldiers sad statement

"I would leave but there is no America to go to anymore so I dont know what to do..."
Tanner Lovett (SSG) United States Army

good samaritan

A few days ago my brother and I decided to go out for lunch with his youngest son, my nephew Ryder, a.k.a. NY NY, (NY would rhyme with guy) anyways.. we go to "labamba" a local mexican joint that claims to have burritos as big as ur head. Now, my only previous experience with this establishment was the evening my girl and I stumbled in out of curiosity, only to turn right around and leave as I am taken back by the rather high prices. EXTORTIONIST! damn that. when TACOBELL has an 89cent menu, I don’t find it plausible to pay 3 or 4 dollars for a taco or burrito. But im historically a cheap bastard anyways. So on this day, I allow my brother to convince me otherwise, after all, on this day of all days, labamba boasts 99cent taco day.. so the historically cheap bastard went along with it, and to top it off mi hermano offered to pay for my snack.
win win right..
so my brother orders 5 tacos, 3 for himself and 1 for me and my nephew. As he pays the cashier and gets situated, I notice a young lady standing in line behind us, and I casually check her out like the historical pig of a man we all are (at least those of us who aren’t lying to themselves) for a brief second, only to determine she isnt particularly notable. to me an attractive woman in line is like one of them works of art placed above u at the dentist office. While ur forced to be in a situation that requires u to wait and exercise patience, its nice to have an attractive visual stimulant to accompany your thoughts while u wait. But this young lady didnt particularly fit that role, and I didnt pay her a second notice of mind as I place my order for a cherry Pepsi. Nice cheap lunch, for only the cost of a pop.. which was 137 before tax.. extortionist... the price of pop at dinning establishments is absurd.. I can get a 44 oz big gulp at the circle k for 69 cents.. and these assholes are gonna tax me a dollar fifty for like 20 oz of pop.. but again.. big brother is paying for my 99cent taco.. so I can splurge on the dom p of pop.. so as the gentlemen fills my cup and it runs over the side, I think don’t u (guy making my drink) hate it when u go out to eat and ur drink is served to u and the douche who made it let pop run all down the side?? what if I was in my car. u think I want my change in the bottom of my drink holder to get all sticky and nasty.. thanks Holmes... but thats besides the point.
While hector is making my soda for me, I pull out my ever handy debt card, and as he snaps the lid on the drink his face turns as he informs me there is a 5 dollar limit for debt.. psshhhhh... so.. I double check my wallet which is loaded with biz cards and nearly the size of a softball, (military friends used to call it a crew served wallet, like a crew served weapon which requires more than 1 man to operate :) and of course I have no cash on me. so I desperately turn to my brother, who was recently laid off, might I add, to ask for another 1.50 to pay for my drink.. he pulls out his last remaining dollar bill and says that all he’s got.. I turn to gesture to the gentlemen that I cant pay for it but he isnt paying attention and I don’t want to announce to the whole joint that the two hooligans who walked in with a child, cant even afford a 2dollar pop, so I walk back up to the counter to inform the gentlemen that I have no cash, and sorry for his troubles. I sat back down and scarfed my taco down like it was going out of style, and I settled for taking my brother up on his offer, to wash it down with his drink. which was NY NYs drink, and I think I failed to mention that NY NY is 2. and as I joke, I mean it, yes,, he is 2 and he is terrible.. cutest kid u ever seen, but he’s got a stroke of evil in him.. cant wait to see what the world does to him.. anyways.. I gave in... and drank after dad, and terrible 2 year old who I inherently dubbed booger face. Who appeared to be recovering from a cold.. children seem to be snot and drool factories for the first 2-3 years of there existence, and I ate my taco and drank after a prime example. my nephews are awesome. don’t get me wrong.. :D so after consuming my snack the gentlemen approaches our table and places the drink down besides me, and instantly my pride over comes me and I don’t want this mans' charity, but its too late. he stealthily snuck up and placed the drink before I knew what had happened.. and the moment I realized what had occurred, and as my pride was forced into grace, the man mumble something about the girl in line, and somehow I gathered the young lady had bought the cherry Pepsi for me. I glanced about to maybe acknowledge the young woman or at least appear gracious, but she was gone.. it was a very small gesture, and it ended up being a needless one, after I had already finished my snack. and as proud as I am, and as much as im still learning to get over letting people do nice things for me, I let all of that go, and I sincerely did think it was a nice thing that that girl did. this was a small tale to tell yall, there’s still good people out there doing good things, and who ever u are where ever u are.. miss lady thang.. thank you for the pop... good lookin out ;)

Nov 1, 2010

tomorrows dream

if u never fall asleep, tomorrow stays imagined...
if u never woke up, u wouldn't have to face the madness...
its like im livin in a dream, while ur just layin on the mattress...
its what ever u want it to be, its up to U 2 show the masses....